TimeNote: Just More

While the development of timenote we kept all the things in mind, that differ a good time-managment-software from a really outstanding one: timenote is simply more of everything. Being used by devworx since a longer period of time and tested in all possible or impossible scenarios we don't want to keept it back from you anymore.

Warum Timenote

Straight Management of your Costumers and Teammates

  • Individual assignment of permissions, e.g. Recorder, Reporter or Administrator
  • Manage your customers and teammates individually and assign them to specific projects
  • Grant or deny access to turn-overs, budgets and orders
  • Choose by yourself who is getting insight in sales and budgets
  • Adjust timenote individually, by simply defining categories and tasks demanding on your very specific business and industry

Made Clocking simple

  • Let your teammates record their working hours autonomously
  • Recorders evaluate their own working hours, referring to Projects, Periods or Overall
  • Completly Web-Based, no Installation needed – Just login and start!

Get on top of your Projects, Turn-Overs and Budgets

  • Denote the progress of your projects
  • Lucid charts show the afforded working-hours as daily, or weekly overview
  • Aimed Information-Filtering: Get your charts of Worktime by Project or teammate
  • Check which working hours can be really billed by carrying back the actual working time with the hourly rate of the corresponding employee
  • Always be on top of the generated sales a project or an employee has been generating yet
  • Keep track of the already used budget